How to Earn $5,681 Weekly with YouTube Ads Affiliate Marketing

Are you interested in making‍ money through affiliate marketing on YouTube? In a recent YouTube ⁢video titled‌ “How to Earn‍ $5,681 Weekly with YouTube Ads Affiliate Marketing,” Chad ‍Bartlett shares a new and innovative strategy that doesn’t require showing your face or⁢ creating ‍videos. As the top affiliate worldwide ⁢for a major software ⁣company, Chad Bartlett has become a millionaire through affiliate marketing and now‌ wants⁣ to help others‍ achieve the same financial⁣ freedom. In the video, ‌he discusses the importance of finding high-converting products on popular affiliate networks such ⁢as ClickBank. ‌By using the gravity score, which indicates the ‍number of affiliates making ​consistent sales, Chad recommends staying on the first few pages of ‍the offers to find the ‍best products. Additionally, he ⁢suggests choosing products ‌that have a video⁣ sales⁤ letter (VSL) to increase conversion ‌rates. If ‍you’re interested in learning more‌ about this strategy, be sure to watch the video‍ and ‌subscribe to Chad‍ Bartlett’s channel for⁣ future informative videos on affiliate marketing.

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In this section, I will be discussing ‌a brand new YouTube ads affiliate marketing strategy that ‌doesn’t require showing your face or creating content. This strategy has helped ​me make around fifty-six⁣ hundred ⁤dollars in just one week, and I’m excited to share it with you.

To begin, ​it is important to find the right products to ‍promote‌ using this strategy. I recommend going to a popular affiliate network,​ such ⁢as ClickBank, Warrior ⁤Plus,⁢ MaxBounty, or JVZoo. In this example, we will focus on ClickBank, which offers⁣ a wide ⁢range ⁣of high-converting products. By going to the ClickBank marketplace and conducting a search, ‍you can find the top-selling products ​with the⁢ most affiliate sales. Look ⁤for‌ products with a high gravity⁣ score, indicating that many affiliates are ⁣making ‌consistent sales with them. It is‍ best to stay within the first few ⁤pages‌ of search results‍ to avoid excessive‌ competition.

Another recommended factor to consider is whether‍ the product has​ a video sales⁤ letter (VSL) when ‌customers are directed to your affiliate link. VSLs tend to be more engaging and persuasive, increasing the likelihood of making sales. Keep in mind that not all products will​ have VSLs, so it’s essential to choose those that do. By selecting high-converting products with VSLs, you can maximize the effectiveness of your YouTube ads affiliate ⁢marketing strategy.

1. Introduction to a Profitable ‌YouTube Ads Affiliate Marketing Strategy

1. Introduction to⁢ a Profitable YouTube Ads Affiliate Marketing ⁣Strategy
In this section, we will introduce a profitable YouTube ads affiliate marketing ⁤strategy that can help you generate ⁢income without showing your face or creating‍ content. This strategy, which hasn’t been widely discussed​ on YouTube, is based on utilizing 100 YouTube‌ ads. ​Let’s dive right into it!

To begin, it is important to identify the right products to promote using this ‌strategy. We recommend visiting popular affiliate networks such as ClickBank, ⁣Warrior Plus, MaxBounty, or JVZoo. For‌ this example, we will focus on ClickBank, a free-to-join⁤ affiliate network.‌ Once on ClickBank’s website, navigate to the marketplace and use ​the search​ feature‌ to find‍ the top-selling ⁢products. These products have a high gravity score, indicating that numerous affiliates ⁣are making consistent sales with them. It’s advisable ​to stay within the first few pages of results to mitigate competition.

In addition to‍ a high⁢ gravity​ score, it is beneficial for the​ chosen product to have a video sales letter ‍(VSL) that customers will see when they click on your affiliate link.‍ This video helps⁤ increase ‍conversions and make your ads more engaging. While ⁤not​ all products ​on ClickBank may have a VSL, it is worth selecting those that do‍ to‌ enhance your chances of success with ⁢this strategy. During the ⁣next sections, we will explore how to set up and optimize YouTube⁣ ads to maximize your affiliate‌ marketing profits.⁤ Stay tuned!

2. Finding the Most Converting Products on ClickBank Affiliate Network

2. ⁤Finding the ⁢Most Converting Products on ClickBank Affiliate Network
In order to find the most converting products on the ClickBank Affiliate⁣ Network, ⁣there are⁢ a few steps you can follow. Firstly, you need to visit ClickBank’s website ⁢and navigate to ⁢the marketplace section. This is where you can search for the top ​selling ⁢products on the platform.⁢ These products have a ‌high gravity score, indicating that many‍ affiliates are making consistent sales with them.

To ​increase your chances of success, it’s recommended⁤ to focus on the first few pages of ​the marketplace search results. As you scroll down, you’ll⁤ notice that the gravity score decreases. By staying within the first⁢ three​ to five pages, you can target products that are likely to have high conversion rates.

Another important factor to ⁤consider‌ is whether the product ⁢has a video‌ sales letter (VSL)‍ when customers click on your affiliate ⁣link. A VSL is a video that provides more information about the product ‍and helps persuade potential customers⁤ to ‍make a⁢ purchase. While ⁤some products may only have images or ‍text, it’s ⁣generally more effective to promote products with ⁢a ‌VSL, as it can greatly‌ increase conversion rates.

To sum ​it⁣ up,‌ when looking for the most converting​ products on the ClickBank Affiliate Network, focus on products with ⁤a high gravity score and preferably ‌with a video sales ‌letter. By targeting these products,‍ you’ll have a better chance of success in your affiliate marketing endeavors.

3. Selecting Top Selling Products with High Gravity Score for YouTube‌ Ads

3. Selecting​ Top Selling Products with High Gravity ‍Score for YouTube ⁣Ads
In⁢ this post section, we​ will discuss how to select top ‌selling products with a high gravity ‍score for YouTube ‌ads in ⁤your affiliate ‍marketing strategy. This ‌unique approach allows you ⁣to earn money without showing ⁢your ‍face or creating your ​content.

To find the best products for this strategy, ⁤we recommend ‍the following steps:

1. Go to a​ popular affiliate network such as ClickBank, ​Warrior Plus, MaxBounty,‌ or JVZoo.
2. Sign up ‌for free with and navigate to the‌ marketplace section.
3. Click on ‍the “Search” button⁢ to discover the top selling products on ClickBank.
4. Look for products ⁤with a​ high gravity score, indicating that over 700 affiliates are consistently making sales with them.
5.⁣ Aim to stay on the first three to five pages of the⁣ offers to minimize competition.
6. ⁢Additionally, prioritize products‌ that ⁢have a video sales letter (VSL) ⁤when the users land on your affiliate link.

By following⁢ these steps, you can identify high-converting offers that are in-demand and have a proven ⁤track record of success. Remember, selecting⁣ the right ‌products is crucial for ⁢a successful YouTube⁢ ad campaign. So,​ take your time to research and‌ choose wisely. Good luck!

4. The Importance of Video Sales ​Letters‌ (VSL) in Affiliate​ Marketing

4. The⁤ Importance of ‌Video⁤ Sales Letters (VSL) in Affiliate Marketing
Video Sales Letters (VSL)⁣ play ⁤a crucial ‌role in affiliate marketing, especially when⁤ it comes to promoting products⁣ through YouTube ads. With ⁤a well-crafted⁤ VSL, you ‍can effectively ⁤capture your audience’s attention and ⁣persuade them ‍to take action. The ⁢use of videos allows you to engage with potential customers without ⁢showing your face or creating extensive content.

To implement this strategy, start by choosing a popular affiliate network, such as ClickBank or Warrior Plus. ⁢These platforms offer a wide range of products to promote. It ⁣is advisable to select ⁣the highest converting products with‍ a high gravity score. A⁤ higher gravity score indicates that many affiliates are making ‍consistent sales with that product.

Additionally,‌ it is ‍recommended to⁤ choose products that have a ‍VSL. Video presentations are more engaging and can effectively communicate the value and benefits of⁣ a product. ⁢When a potential ⁢customer is ⁣directed to your affiliate ⁢link and encounters a VSL, ​they are ​more likely to convert into a ‌sale.

In conclusion, leveraging Video Sales Letters in affiliate marketing can⁢ significantly enhance your chances of success. By selecting high-converting products with a‍ VSL, you can create compelling YouTube ads that have the potential to generate‍ substantial ‌income. Remember ‍to choose products⁣ from popular‍ affiliate networks and stay within the first few pages of the marketplace​ for maximum impact.


Q: What is the topic⁤ of‍ the YouTube video?
A:⁤ The topic of the YouTube video is “How to Earn $5,681 Weekly with YouTube Ads Affiliate⁤ Marketing.”

Q: What​ is the main strategy mentioned in the video?
A: The main strategy discussed⁢ in the ‍video is using YouTube ads for affiliate ​marketing without having to show your face or create content.

Q: Who is the speaker in the video and what is his background?
A: ‍The speaker in the video is Chad Bartlett, who is the top affiliate⁢ worldwide for a massive software ⁢company.⁤ He has already become a millionaire from affiliate marketing and wants to ‌help others achieve the same freedom.

Q: Which affiliate networks are recommended in the⁤ video?
A: The video recommends using popular‌ affiliate networks such ​as​ Warrior plus,, jvzoo, and specifically mentions ClickBank as the example in⁤ the video.

Q:​ How⁤ can you find the⁣ highest converting products on ‍ClickBank?
A: To find the highest converting products on ClickBank, you‌ need ​to go to the⁣ ClickBank website, ⁢navigate to the marketplace, and click on the search option. This will show ⁣you the top selling​ products on ClickBank ‌at the moment.

Q: What is the significance of the “gravity ​score” mentioned ‌in the video?
A: The gravity score represents the number of affiliates making consistent sales with a particular product. A higher gravity score indicates that many affiliates are successfully selling that ⁤product. It is recommended to choose a product with⁣ a higher gravity score⁣ for ⁢better chances of success.

Q: Is⁢ it necessary for the⁢ chosen product to have a video?
A: It is recommended to choose ​a product with a video​ (commonly known as VSL⁢ or video sales letter) when promoting it through‌ YouTube ads. ⁣However, ​not⁢ all products ‌may‍ have a video.

Q:⁣ Are there any limitations⁢ regarding the⁤ placement of the chosen‍ product within the affiliate network?
A:⁢ It⁢ is suggested to stay within the first few pages (three to five pages) of the affiliate network offers while choosing a ‌product. This allows you ⁢to focus on products that are more popular and have higher gravity scores.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the YouTube video titled “How to ​Earn $5,681 Weekly with ‍YouTube Ads Affiliate Marketing” provides⁤ an informative and friendly ‍approach to a brand new strategy for affiliate marketing ​on YouTube. The video emphasizes ​the potential to earn a significant income without having to show your⁢ face or create content.

The video’s creator, Chad Bartlett, who is recognized‍ as the top ‌affiliate worldwide⁣ for a prominent software company, shares this method to help others achieve financial freedom. By using popular affiliate networks such ‍as ClickBank, viewers can ‌find high-converting products with a strong presence⁤ on the⁤ market.

Chad advises selecting products with a higher gravity‍ score, indicating​ that multiple affiliates are ⁤making consistent sales with ‍those products. ‍Additionally, he ⁢suggests⁤ focusing on‌ offers with⁣ video​ sales letters ​(VSLs), as they‌ have‍ proven‌ to be effective in converting leads into customers.

By​ following Chad’s recommendations and utilizing the strategies outlined ⁣in the video, viewers have the potential ⁤to generate ⁢substantial⁢ income ​through YouTube ‍ads ⁢affiliate marketing. Remember to stay within the ⁣first few pages of the affiliate network’s​ offers and keep an eye on the gravity score to​ find products that are ⁢both popular ‌and less competitive.

With this newfound knowledge and ⁤guidance, ⁢you can embark on‌ your journey towards financial success in the world ⁢of affiliate marketing.‌ Make⁤ sure to⁣ subscribe ‌to Chad​ Bartlett’s ⁢channel for more valuable insights ⁤and⁤ techniques in the future.

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