The Ultimate Guide to Earning $5,681 Weekly with YouTube Ads Affiliate Marketing

Welcome to our blog post, where we will be discussing the topics covered in the YouTube video titled “The ⁢Ultimate Guide to Earning $5,681⁣ Weekly with​ YouTube Ads Affiliate‌ Marketing”. In this video, the creator shares a brand new strategy⁤ for‌ YouTube ads ‍affiliate ​marketing ​that doesn’t ‌require showing your face, filming videos, or creating content. It’s an exciting method that hasn’t been ‌widely talked about on ⁣YouTube before. The creator, Chad Bartlett, is a ‌top affiliate worldwide for ⁣a software company and has ‍already become a‍ millionaire through ⁢affiliate marketing. His​ goal is to help others achieve the same level of financial freedom.

In the video, Chad recommends ⁣using popular affiliate ​networks like ClickBank, Warrior‍ plus, MaxBounty, or JVZoo to find high-converting products. He demonstrates how to search for the top-selling products on ClickBank, based on their gravity‌ score, which indicates the number of affiliates making‌ consistent ‌sales with a particular product. It’s important to choose products with a higher gravity score ‌and preferably ones that have a video sales letter (VSL) ⁢when​ potential customers are ‌directed to your affiliate link.

If you’re interested ‌in ‌earning ⁣a significant income through YouTube ads affiliate‌ marketing, this‌ video and ⁤our blog‌ post ‍will provide you with valuable insights and guidance. So, ​let’s dive right into the⁤ details and ⁤start ⁤your journey to ⁢financial success. And don’t forget to​ subscribe to our ‍channel, so ‌you won’t ⁣miss any future videos.

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– Introduction: An Overview of the ⁢YouTube ⁤Ads Affiliate ‍Marketing Strategy

- Introduction: An Overview of the YouTube Ads Affiliate Marketing Strategy
In this video, Chad Bartlett shares a brand ​new YouTube ads affiliate marketing strategy that he recently‍ discovered. The best part about this strategy is​ that you don’t need to show your ⁢face or create videos. It’s‍ a great opportunity for anyone who wants to make money through affiliate marketing without the hassle of ⁤filming or creating content.

To get started‍ with this strategy, Chad⁢ recommends finding high-converting products from popular​ affiliate networks like Warrior Plus, MaxBounty, JVZoo, or ClickBank. In this example, he uses ClickBank as it‍ is free to ‌join and has ⁢a marketplace where you can find top-selling⁣ products. The key is to look for⁢ products with a high gravity score,‌ indicating that many⁢ affiliates are making consistent sales with them. However, it’s also important to consider ⁣competition, so staying on the first few ⁢pages‌ of​ the⁣ affiliate network’s offers is ‌recommended.

Another tip from Chad is to choose products that have a video⁤ sales letter​ (VSL) when users click on your affiliate link. ⁢This helps increase⁣ conversions and makes it‌ easier to promote the product effectively. By ‌following these steps, ‍you can leverage YouTube ads and affiliate marketing ⁤to generate income and achieve financial⁢ freedom, just ⁢like Chad Bartlett did.

– Finding High-Converting Products on ClickBank: Tips and Recommendations

- Finding High-Converting Products on ClickBank: Tips and⁣ Recommendations
In order to⁢ find⁣ high-converting​ products on ClickBank for your affiliate‌ marketing⁣ strategy, there ​are a few⁢ tips and recommendations to consider. Firstly, it is advisable to go to ​a popular affiliate network like ⁢ClickBank, where you can find a‌ wide range ​of products to promote. It’s important to choose products with a ⁣higher gravity score, indicating that numerous affiliates ⁢are consistently making sales ⁤with them. This suggests that these ‍products‍ have a higher likelihood of converting well.

Once you are on ClickBank’s marketplace, you can search for the top selling products. These are ​the products ​that have‌ the most affiliates making sales with them at present. By staying on the first⁤ few pages ‌of‍ the marketplace, you can find offers that have a⁣ higher gravity​ score, indicating their popularity among affiliates. It is recommended to choose products ‌with a gravity score that suits your preferences, as it reflects​ the level of competition for that specific offer.

Additionally, when selecting a product, consider‍ whether it has a Video Sales Letter (VSL) in place. A‌ VSL enhances the chances of conversion ‌as it provides a video presentation when potential customers⁢ land ‌on ⁣your affiliate link. Though it’s⁢ not a mandatory requirement, having a VSL can significantly impact​ a product’s conversion rate. Therefore, it⁢ is worth considering products that offer this feature‍ to maximize your chances of success in ClickBank affiliate marketing.

– Selecting Products with Video Sales Letters ⁢(VSLs) for Increased Conversion

- ⁣Selecting Products with Video Sales Letters (VSLs) for Increased Conversion
In this video, Chad Bartlett reveals a new YouTube ads affiliate ⁤marketing strategy that doesn’t require filming videos​ or creating content. He ⁤shares‌ his success⁣ of⁢ making $5600 last week with affiliate ⁢marketing and introduces a brand⁢ new method that he hasn’t seen anyone else talk about‍ on YouTube.

To​ apply this strategy, Chad recommends selecting ‍products with high conversion rates and ‍video‍ sales‌ letters⁤ (VSLs). One way to find these products is by going ⁣to popular affiliate networks ⁢like ClickBank, Warrior Plus, MaxBounty, or ⁤JVZoo. In this example, Chad ‍demonstrates how to find top-selling products ‍on ClickBank’s marketplace.

By clicking on the “Search” button in the marketplace,⁣ you can access the top-selling ​products on ClickBank. These products ​have a high gravity score, indicating ‌that⁤ many affiliates are⁣ consistently making sales with them. It’s important to aim for‍ products with ​higher gravity scores, preferably on ​the first few pages of the marketplace.

Additionally, ‍Chad suggests choosing products that have video sales letters⁢ (VSLs)‌ when‌ potential customers are directed⁤ to⁤ your‍ affiliate link. VSLs‌ can‍ be more persuasive and engaging, increasing ‌the chances of conversion. While some products on ClickBank may only have images or text descriptions, it’s ⁤best to prioritize products with VSLs to maximize ‍your success.

By following Chad’s recommendation ‌of selecting products with high conversion rates and‌ VSLs, you can increase the effectiveness of your YouTube ads affiliate marketing strategy and​ potentially boost your revenue.

-⁣ Staying Competitive: Strategies for Choosing the Right Gravity Score Range

- Staying Competitive: Strategies for‌ Choosing the Right⁢ Gravity Score Range
In order to stay competitive in affiliate marketing and choose the ​right gravity score range, there are a‌ few strategies you can follow. First, it’s important to find products with ⁣a higher gravity score. A⁢ higher⁣ gravity score ⁢indicates that multiple affiliates are making consistent⁣ sales⁤ with that product. This suggests ‍that the product is high converting and could potentially be ​a good​ fit for YouTube ads. To find⁢ products with a higher gravity score, you can go to⁤ popular affiliate networks ‌such as ‌ClickBank, Warrior Plus, MaxBounty, or JVZoo. ⁤On ClickBank, for example,⁣ you can go to the marketplace and click on “search” ​to see ‌the top selling products. Look for products with gravity‌ scores above 700, as these are likely to ‌be ⁤competitive options. However, it’s also ‍recommended‍ to ⁣stay within the first 3 to ⁣5 ‌pages of the affiliate network’s offers to ensure ‍a manageable level⁤ of competition.

Secondly, it’s beneficial to choose products that have a video sales⁣ letter‌ (VSL)⁣ when users click on your affiliate link. A VSL is an engaging video that provides information about the product and helps in ⁤the conversion process.⁢ When browsing through the affiliate network’s marketplace, look⁤ for products that have a prominent video on⁣ their ⁣sales page. ⁢This indicates that the product‌ has a VSL and can enhance the chances of‌ generating sales through YouTube ads. ⁤While some ⁤products may only have images or​ text, prioritize products with visible videos for better results.

By following these ‍strategies, you ⁢can‍ effectively‌ choose products that have a higher chance of converting well on YouTube ads. Remember, it’s important to find a balance between the gravity score⁤ and level of competition, as well as prioritize products with VSLs to optimize your affiliate marketing efforts. Stay ‌tuned⁣ for more tips and strategies to‍ help you succeed in the world of affiliate marketing!


Q: What is the topic of the ⁣YouTube video?
A:‌ The topic ​of the YouTube video is “The Ultimate Guide to Earning $5,681 ‌Weekly with YouTube ‌Ads Affiliate Marketing.”

Q: Who is the⁢ speaker in the video?
A: The speaker in the video is Chad Bartlett, who ⁢introduces himself as the top affiliate worldwide for⁣ a software company.

Q: What is the main strategy discussed in‌ the video?
A:​ The main strategy⁢ discussed​ in the‌ video ‌is a ⁤brand new YouTube ads affiliate marketing strategy that doesn’t require showing your face or creating‍ content.

Q: What affiliate network does the‌ speaker recommend using?
A:⁤ The speaker recommends using the‍ ClickBank ⁤affiliate network, ⁣which is free to ‍join.

Q: How‌ can you⁢ find the ​highest converting products‍ on ClickBank?
A: To‍ find the ⁣highest converting products on ClickBank, you need to go to the ClickBank marketplace and search for the top selling products with a high gravity score. ⁢The gravity score⁢ represents the number of affiliates making consistent sales with a particular product.

Q: What does the speaker recommend looking for in⁣ a product to ⁤run on YouTube ads?
A: The speaker​ recommends finding a product with a ⁢higher gravity​ score and a video​ sales letter (VSL) when they get sent to your affiliate ‍link.

Q: What should you consider in terms of product competitiveness?
A:​ It is suggested to stay on⁣ the first ⁢few pages of the affiliate ⁢network offers⁣ and focus on products with a higher gravity score, which indicates‍ more affiliates ⁢are ​making consistent sales. As the gravity score ⁤decreases, ​the competitiveness‌ may ⁤also ⁣decrease.

Q: Why does⁢ the ‍speaker create these videos?
A: The speaker creates⁣ these videos ⁢because he has already become a ‌millionaire through​ affiliate‍ marketing⁤ and wants to ​help‌ others achieve the same ⁢freedom.

Q:‌ How much ​money did the speaker make with affiliate marketing​ last week?
A: ‌The speaker ‍made around $5,600 with affiliate marketing last‍ week.

To Conclude

In conclusion,‌ I⁤ hope you found this ultimate guide to ⁤earning $5,681 weekly with YouTube ads affiliate marketing ‍informative‌ and ‍helpful. The strategy discussed ⁤in the video ​is a game-changer, allowing you to make money without showing ⁣your face or creating content.

As‌ mentioned by Chad⁣ Bartlett, a top affiliate worldwide, it is⁣ essential to find the highest converting products on popular affiliate networks such as ClickBank. By choosing products with ‍a high gravity score and a video sales ‌letter (VSL), you increase your chances of⁣ success.

Remember to stay within ⁤the first few pages of the affiliate network’s offers to avoid intense⁣ competition. ​While ‌the gravity ‍score ⁤may decrease as‌ you scroll down the page, it is​ important to find a balance ​between competitiveness and potential sales.

With this⁢ newfound knowledge, you are well-equipped to start your journey towards financial freedom through YouTube ads affiliate ​marketing. ⁢If you have any questions or⁢ need further assistance,​ feel free to subscribe to⁣ Chad Bartlett’s ⁤channel or reach out to him for guidance.

Don’t miss out on this incredible‍ opportunity to earn‍ a substantial income right‌ from the comfort of your own ⁢home. Start implementing the strategies mentioned in the video, and who knows, you could be ⁤the ​next ​success ‍story in affiliate ‌marketing.

Thank you for taking the time to watch⁣ the video and read this ⁣blog post. Best of luck on your ⁢ affiliate marketing journey!

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