The Ultimate Tech-Savvy Side Hustle: Phone and Wifi is All You Need!

​Are you ⁢tired of being​ the go-to tech support for your family and friends, especially your grandma? Well, we have ⁤the ‍perfect⁤ side hustle for ​you, and it doesn’t require ‌leaving the comfort ⁢of your home. In fact, all you need is your trusty laptop, phone, and a WiFi⁤ connection. Intrigued? Let us show you how.

Imagine creating your own YouTube channel, just like this tech-savvy guy we found.​ He gives simple, step-by-step​ tutorials on various apps and technologies,⁢ like TikTok, WhatsApp, and more. And the best part?‌ His videos are short, easy‌ to make,⁣ and‌ have ⁣generated over ⁢195,000​ views in‌ just three months.

But⁣ here’s the real question: How ⁣much money is he making? According to ‌Social Blade, his ⁤channel is estimated to earn close to $6.7k every month, ‌solely from ad revenue. And since tech-related content ‍tends to ‌attract‍ high-paying advertisers,‍ earning over $5,000 a month is entirely attainable.

But wait, it gets better.⁤ This side hustle is evergreen, meaning that people ‍will continue to watch ​these videos ⁢for years to come. Once your​ videos ⁢start gaining traction in YouTube’s algorithm, they’ll generate passive income even ‌while you sleep.⁣

Of course, there’s a catch. To be successful, you’ll need to pump out a lot of videos consistently and give ⁢it ⁤some time for significant views to roll in.‌ But⁣ if ⁢you’re willing to put in⁣ the effort, this could be ‍a lucrative⁤ venture. So, if you’re looking for a way to make money online, keep reading​ and discover more ‍ways to earn‌ a significant income.
The Ultimate Tech-Savvy⁣ Side​ Hustle: ⁤Phone and Wifi is ⁣All You Need!
1. Creating a YouTube Channel ⁤for Tech Tutorials: A Lucrative Side Hustle with Minimal‌ Equipment

Are you tired⁣ of constantly being the go-to tech support⁢ for ⁢your family and friends, without getting paid for it? Well, here’s a fantastic side hustle idea‌ that you​ can do ⁢from the comfort of your ​own home and potentially make $5,000 or even more every single month. The best⁢ part?⁣ All you need is ⁤a laptop, phone, and a Wi-Fi connection. ‍Let me show you how.

To begin, you’ll need to create your own ‌YouTube channel. You ​can​ name it whatever you ​like,⁢ as⁤ long ‍as ⁢it relates‌ to⁣ tech​ and tutorials. Take a ​look at this example channel – it’s thriving ​by posting simple, short videos that​ demonstrate how⁢ to perform specific tasks on different apps and technologies.⁢ For ​instance,⁣ topics range from⁣ learning how to ⁤see who viewed your Tik Tok⁢ profile to sending GIFs on WhatsApp.

The‌ channel owner keeps the videos⁤ straightforward and concise. It’s just a plain background with his phone screen displayed, ⁢where he demonstrates each step using his fingers. Creating these kinds of videos is incredibly simple and doesn’t require any special ‍skills. ⁢In fact, this channel​ uploads⁤ about five to six videos per day,⁣ some even more! The ⁤key is to keep them ⁤quick and easy to produce. So, how does ⁣he make money from this endeavor? Let’s find out.

2. Maximizing Revenue from Tech‍ Tutorial Videos: Strategies for Long-Term Earnings

Now that you have your YouTube channel up and running with several tutorial videos, ⁢it’s time to discuss how to generate revenue from your content.‌ The first source of income comes from ad⁣ revenue. Based on ⁣estimates⁤ from Social Blade, this tech channel ⁣is currently receiving around 1.3 million views per month, leading to a monthly income of approximately $6.7k⁢ solely from ​ads.

Tech-related channels tend to​ attract higher-paying⁣ advertisers​ due to the valuable information they provide. Hence,​ it’s quite realistic⁤ to expect earnings of over $5,000 consistently each month.‌ What’s⁣ even‌ better is that​ this type of channel is “evergreen.” It means that people will continue⁣ to watch and find value in your ⁣videos​ for years to ⁤come. ​Once your content begins to⁣ rank higher on YouTube’s ⁤algorithm, it will attract continuous ⁤viewership, ensuring a passive income ‍stream even while you sleep.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that building a successful tech channel requires dedication, consistency, and patience. You’ll need to keep pumping out a⁣ significant number of videos ⁢to maintain viewers’ interest ⁤and grow your subscriber base. It ‍may take time initially to achieve‌ substantial views, but with perseverance, your efforts will pay off.

Remember, if you’re looking for a slightly faster way to​ make money online, check out‍ the description below for other ways to supplement your income. Keep exploring new opportunities to maximize your earnings in the digital world.


Q: What is the ultimate tech-savvy side hustle mentioned in⁢ the YouTube video?
A: The ⁢ultimate tech-savvy side hustle mentioned in the⁣ video is creating a YouTube ⁤channel where you post simple, short⁢ videos on various apps and‌ technologies to teach people how to ‌do specific things.

Q: What do you need to start this side hustle?
A: All ​you need to start this side hustle is⁢ a laptop, phone, ⁣and a Wi-Fi connection.

Q: Can you explain‌ how the videos are ‍created?
A:‌ The videos​ are created in a straightforward manner. The YouTuber ​uses a simple background ⁢and ⁤shows their phone’s screen, along with their fingers indicating what to press.

Q:‍ How much money can you potentially ⁣make‌ from this ‍side hustle?
A: According to Social Blade, this YouTuber’s channel ​receives around 1.3 million views per month and makes close to $6.7k every month solely from​ ad revenue. It is estimated‍ that they make over $5,000 a month ​consistently.

Q: Why ​is this side hustle⁢ considered evergreen?
A: This side hustle ⁣is considered evergreen because the videos created continue ⁢to generate income even years after they were initially⁣ posted. As long as people continue to ‌have these common technology-related questions, the videos will attract views and make money.

Q: What is the‍ drawback of this ‌side⁣ hustle?
A: The only drawback​ of this side hustle is‌ that it requires a consistent output of​ videos. You need to​ continuously create and upload videos to ⁣gain a significant‌ number of views and start‌ generating substantial income. It may ⁢take some time​ to establish a substantial viewership.

Q: Are there any faster ways‌ to make money‌ online mentioned in the video?
A: The video ⁤suggests ⁤that if you want a way to ⁣make money online that‍ is a little bit faster but ​still requires work, you should read the video‌ description for more ways to make money online. ⁤

Final Thoughts

In conclusion,​ if you’re tired of being the tech support for your⁤ family, ‍friends, and even your grandma, I have an awesome side hustle⁣ for you that ⁤can be ⁢done right from the comfort of ⁤your own home. With just your laptop, phone, and a Wi-Fi connection, you can make $5,000 a‍ month or even more, every single month.

All⁣ you need to do is create your own YouTube ⁢channel, just like the one in the video.‍ It can be named whatever you want, and all you have to⁢ do is post simple, short videos showing people how to do specific things ⁣on different apps and technologies. It could be⁢ anything from figuring out who​ viewed your TikTok profile to sending ‌a ⁤GIF ​on WhatsApp.

These⁣ videos are easy to ⁤make and don’t require a lot of ​effort or technical skills. Simply showcase the ‌steps on your phone and guide your viewers through‍ the process. As you can ​see from the example in the video, this YouTuber is creating around five to⁣ six videos every day, sometimes ⁢more, sometimes ⁢less. And their videos are getting a lot of ‌views!

According to Social Blade, this particular ⁤YouTuber is getting around 1.3‍ million views‍ per month and making close to $6.7k solely from ad revenue. This is ‍just an⁢ estimate,​ but considering that advertisers pay well for tech-related content, it’s highly plausible‍ for ‌you to make over $5,000 a month consistently.

What’s even better ‌is that this side hustle is evergreen. People⁢ will continue to watch these videos not only today ⁤but also years ‍from ⁤now. Once your videos start ⁤ranking in the algorithm, ‍they’ll keep making you money while you sleep.

Of course, there is ‍a downside. To succeed⁢ in ‍this side hustle,⁣ you ⁣have to be consistent and pump⁣ out a lot of videos. It may take time‍ to start generating ​a significant amount of views and income. But if you’re looking for a way to ‌make money ⁤online​ that’s a little faster but still‌ requires effort, check out‍ the description for more ways to make​ money.

So, why not give​ it a shot? Turn your ⁢tech-savviness into a lucrative side gig‌ and enjoy ‌the rewards of sharing⁤ your ‌knowledge with ⁢millions of viewers all over the world. Have fun ​and happy hustling!​

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