How to Earn $2,000 Monthly with AliPlugin on Aliexpress: Step-by-Step Hosting and WordPress Setup

Are you looking to earn some extra ⁣cash on the side? In today’s video, we will be discussing how you can make ⁣$2,000 monthly with AliPlugin on Aliexpress. The first step is to set up your hosting account with GoDaddy, which I highly recommend for its reliability and user-friendly interface. By using your domain with GoDaddy, you can eliminate the hassle of complicated DNS setups. We will walk you through the process of‌ selecting the right hosting package and optimizing it for AliExpress plugin and themes. Plus, we’ll share some insider tips on ‌saving money and avoiding ⁢ unnecessary add-ons. So, let’s dive right in and start your journey to financial success with AliPlugin!
How to‍ Earn $2,000 Monthly with AliPlugin on ‌Aliexpress: Step-by-Step‌ Hosting and WordPress Setup
‌ Setting up Hosting Account with GoDaddy and Choosing the Right Package:

When ⁣setting up your hosting account with GoDaddy, it is⁣ recommended to use your domain name⁤ as well. This will help limit the ⁤amount of setup required with the DNS and other technical aspects. To get started,‍ simply head over to the GoDaddy‍ homepage and click on the “Get Hosting” option.

On ⁣the hosting page,​ you will see various options, including WordPress⁤ hosting. However, it is⁣ advised to choose the web ​hosting ‌option ​instead. Scroll down and select the ‍deluxe package, as it allows ⁣for more flexibility ⁣and experimentation with different websites and niches. With unlimited storage and websites, you can ‌explore various ideas to‍ drive organic traffic and determine what ⁢works best.

Optimizing GoDaddy Cart and Avoiding Unnecessary Expenses:

It’s important to be ‍mindful of ⁢the items⁤ in your GoDaddy cart to avoid unnecessary expenses. Affiliate ‍marketers may try to influence ⁢your purchase decisions by promoting larger packages or unnecessary add-ons. For ​example, you may be directed to a cart with additional features like site backup and‍ restore. However, if​ you ⁢don’t ‍need‌ these ‌extras, ​you can⁣ simply click on ‍”No thank you” to remove ⁢them from your cart. By paying attention to what you’re‍ ordering, you can significantly reduce your total ​cost and avoid spending on ⁤unnecessary services.

Selecting the Ideal Hosting Plan for Starting a New Website on GoDaddy:

For those ⁤just starting out⁢ with their website,‍ it’s crucial to select the ⁢ideal hosting plan on⁣ GoDaddy. To ‍ensure affordability and flexibility, it is recommended to ​choose the ⁣deluxe package. This option allows you to experiment with multiple websites​ and niches, giving‌ you ⁣the opportunity to find what works best for your online presence. By opting for the deluxe package, you have unlimited storage⁤ and can host as many websites as you’d ​like, providing room for growth and expansion.

Customizing Hosting Plan Options on GoDaddy to Suit Your Needs:

GoDaddy provides options to customize your hosting plan based on your ‍specific needs. When you click on the “Get ⁢Started” button, you’ll be directed to a page where you can modify your chosen plan. For example, if you ⁣had initially selected the economy package, you can easily switch to the deluxe package. ⁣Additionally, you can choose ‌the duration of your plan, such as one month instead of the default 36 months. By customizing your hosting plan‌ options, you can tailor it to suit your requirements and⁢ budget without ​compromising on functionality and performance.


Q: What ⁣is the topic of the YouTube video?
A: ⁢The topic of the ​YouTube video is ‍”How‌ to Earn $2,000 ⁤Monthly with ‌AliPlugin on Aliexpress: Step-by-Step Hosting and WordPress Setup”.

Q: What hosting account does the video recommend⁤ using?
A:⁢ The video⁣ recommends using GoDaddy for hosting.

Q: Why does the video recommend using your domain with GoDaddy?
A: By using your domain with GoDaddy, you can limit the ⁤amount of setup required with DNS and other technical​ configurations.

Q: What type of hosting does ​the ​video recommend using on GoDaddy?
A: The video​ recommends ⁣using web hosting instead‌ of ​WordPress hosting.

Q: Which hosting plan is recommended⁤ for experiments with different websites and niches?
A: The video recommends ⁣the “deluxe” hosting plan, as it allows for unlimited websites and storage, ‌which is useful for testing different niches and driving traffic.

Q: ​Why does‍ the⁤ video advise against purchasing unnecessary extras when ordering ‍hosting?
A: Affiliate marketers⁤ may try to sell ‌additional packages or services, which can increase the cost unnecessarily. It is recommended to pay​ attention and only purchase what is needed.

Q: Why does the video suggest starting with a shorter hosting​ package?
A:⁤ Starting⁤ with a shorter ‌hosting package allows for flexibility if the⁢ venture does‍ not work out.​ It avoids spending a large amount of money if the business does ‍not generate‌ income.

Q: How can you access the hosting ⁣options on GoDaddy?
A: On the main ⁢page of GoDaddy, click on ⁤the “get hosting” option to access the hosting options.

Q: Which hosting plan is recommended on the⁤ hosting page?
A: The recommended hosting plan is ⁤the “deluxe” hosting option.

Q: How can you change the hosting package to ‍a shorter duration?
A: On the hosting page, select ⁣the desired hosting plan, and then scroll down to choose the one-month duration⁤ option, rather than the default 36 months.

Q: ​What can you get rid of to reduce the total cost when ordering hosting?
A: You can remove the site backup ‌option to reduce the total cost ⁣when ordering hosting. ⁤

The Way Forward

In conclusion, this⁢ YouTube video provides step-by-step instructions on how to⁣ set ‌up your hosting account with GoDaddy for your AliPlugin on Aliexpress. The ​tutorial emphasizes the importance of using your domain name to simplify the setup process. ⁢The video recommends opting for ​the web hosting option instead of WordPress hosting to ensure compatibility with the Aliexpress ‌plugin and themes. The deluxe hosting package is ⁢recommended as it ‍allows for experimentation with different ‌websites ⁣and niches. It highlights the potential‌ pitfalls of unnecessary add-ons⁤ and encourages users to be mindful of their expenses. Lastly, the video demonstrates how to select the desired hosting package and ‍advises ⁤against committing to long-term ⁢plans when just⁣ starting out. Overall, this⁤ video provides valuable insights and guidance ​for those looking to earn $2,000 monthly with AliPlugin on Aliexpress. Happy hosting and WordPress setup!

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